MY Access! System Requirements Quick Check

The following guide provides an overview of the minimum and recommended technical specifications for implementing MY Access! Run this check periodically to ensure your computer is ready to use MY Access!.

Desktops PC and Macintosh

Not detectable with this browserK
System/Software Minimum Recommended You Have Pass/Fail Fix
Operating System PC
Microsoft Windows® XP or Vista

Mac OS X 10.5

Any distribution that supports Firefox 3.0
Microsoft Windows® 7

Mac OS X 10.6 or higher

Any distribution that supports Firefox 3.6
Web Browser PC
IE 7.0
Firefox 3.0

Firefox 3.0
Safari 4.0
IE 8.0 or higher
Firefox 3.6 or higher

Firefox 3.6 or higher
Safari 5.0 or higher
Generic crawler 2.0
Adobe Flash® Player 9.0 10.1 or higher Not detectable with this browser
If you have a broadband connection, please disregard this notice. Your connection speed is adequate for this platform.Free upgrade not available.

Other Settings

System/Software Minimum Recommended
Desktop 1GHz Processor 1GHz Processor or greater
Memory 256 MB 512 MB or greater
Display 15"+ VGA or better monitor capable of 1028 X 768 resolution or better 17" SVGA monitor with 1028 X 768

Desktop Settings

Cookies: Cookies must be turned ON.
  • Cookies should be set to "accept all cookies". Cache should be set to "1" or the lowest possible setting.

  • Check that newest version of stored page is set to "every visit to the page".

Proxy/Caching or Content Filtering Software Server Settings
  • Content Filtering: The following URLs must be allowed through ANY content filters that have been implemented: The IP Address is .

  • TCP/http: Firewalls are configured to allow http on port 80 to the internet.

  • User Authentication and Timeout value: If user authentication is enabled on a proxy server or firewall, the session timeout value should be set to at least be equal to the length of the test (mps at least 60 minutes). This will help prevent users from losing their session with the proxy server or firewall while testing.